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Saaya Kirijo works in a massage facility. Because this is not a sexual facility, there are regulations prohibiting customers from touching or having sex with staff, even the staff. Because of her extremely attractive body, Massage requires a lot of touching, so the guests often get "saluted" before her. Looking at the pitiful "gun" that can only be "raised" but not "fired", Saaya Kirijo immediately circumvented the law by "accidentally" letting the customer's cock show out and rub against his underwear. Then her underwear "accidentally" slipped off and the other cock immediately penetrated deep inside her cunt! Feel free to "shoot bullets" deep inside her uterus! After each massage session, customers are very satisfied with this "special service" of Saaya Kirijo, she gradually becomes more popular, and of course the store still doesn't know about this...

URKK-076 The owner of the erotic massage parlor

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 Movie Code: URKK-076 

 Movie Studio: Unfinished 

 Actor: Saaya Kirijo 

 Category: Japanese Sex Movies Jav Adultery Sex Movie Rape Sex Movie XVIDEOS VLXX SEXTOP1 XNXX 

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